Friday, October 31, 2008

acupuncture, part two

I didn't realize that I had a mandatory district laptop training on Monday (my district is giving me a laptop to use though! Hurray!).... and the next appointment open is on Friday. So a week from today, I'll know about the acupuncture. While I'm scared out of my wits about it (I really don't like needles), it seems like a last resort - I mean, what else can I do? I don't see very many options.

The past few weeks I was wondering what was going on with my splints - it seemed as if they weren't working as well, and I was wondering if my jaw had perhaps adjusted somehow to them.

Well, I fell asleep during a movie last night and didn't put my splint in - and I would rate my jaw pain today at an 8. Edging higher and higher as the day progresses. Luckily it was an inservice day, not a teaching day - but I went out to lunch with my staff, ordered a bowl of tortilla soup and only was able to drink the broth. Thank God I didn't have to teach - I mean, I can't really talk.

Hey, but it's probably for the best - now I can't eat any of the yummy Halloween candy sitting in a bowl by my front door. Heh.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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Rainne said...

I love the braces on the jack-o-lantern!