Monday, October 27, 2008


I'm biting the bullet (not really, it would probably hurt my jaw too much). I've been complaining about this stupid jaw pain for weeks now. Despite massive amounts of tylenol and ibuprofen, massages from my talented husband, eating only soup and very soft foods, AND my amazing splint, nothing is changing for the good.

I was talking to two friends a few weeks back, and they discouraged me from getting surgery, saying that acupuncture fixed all of Mishka's TMJ problems. They even recommended a clinic here in Tacoma. I've been putting off making an appointment, though, mostly due to fear of the unknown.

But today I had another puking migraine at school today and am being forced to skip my band rehearsal tonight. I have shooting pains that are making my eyes water through my left jaw joints. Enough is enough.

My appointment is Monday at 4:30.

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Katherine said...

Holy cow, Steph. How the heck are you coping at work, teaching a bunch of kids while feeling that miserable? That is not cool.

I know you will, but you'll have to let us know how the acupuncture works for you. (I'm leery of the idea ONLY due to being a pansy ~my overwhelming fear of voluntary needles) but know lots of folks who swear by it's abilty to "free up" areas in chronic discomfort. Fingers crossed it gives you some relief, already!