Tuesday, September 23, 2008

short quip

True story: Dancing in San Francisco last weekend, I ran into someone I had met in the summer of 2005 dancing in California. The first thing she says to me when she realizes it's me? "Ohh, you didn't have braces then!" like they were a permanent fixture on my teeth.

No kidding, super sleuth.


laura said...

I get that too! People asking if I had braces 3 or 4 years ago! Or "have you always had those?" lol

Kiwikaren said...

I think some people realise they're noticed the braces and then don't know what to say ... and then something strange flows verbally!

I'm not sure what's more annoying ... stupid comments or people conversing with their eyes fixed on your teeth?

stephanie said...

Yeah!! That bothers me terribly. I think I'd rather have the stupid comments ;)

Affordable Teeth Whiteners said...

my sister gets that alot. People look at braces like they are something that are never going to come off, even though they are a very short-term type of thing i had braces for 3 years and my sister too but she got them done after me.

I never ever used to smile when i had them and sometimes talked with my hand over my mouth and when i laughed too. I used to live overseas so i remember my sister and i came to visit and our aunts were always asking "Did you always have those?" or "if you take them off will your teeth fall out?" or "wouldn't you rather have crooked teeth?" stuff like that. Unnecessary things.

I agree with kiwi though i dont think they do it on purpous...I think they just dont know what to say, and they dont know how it is.

Just learn to ignore them!

Thanks for posting!