Sunday, September 7, 2008

feeling better

We haven't gotten internet in our new apartment yet, hence the sudden lack of updating. I am appreciative about all of your lovely notes and comments.

Between you guys and one of my good friend's sister (who is a lawyer, and tells me she'll help me appeal once the time comes), I am feeling much better. While I don't technically qualify at this point, I feel that I can medically prove I need this surgery.

The splints at night really are improving my headaches, too - even during the day. Once we get internet again (end of the week or so), I'll post pictures of them. While I still have headaches almost every night, at least it's not during the day when I'm teaching middle school band and orchestra :)

And speaking of middle school band and orchestra, while I got quite a few questions about the braces from teachers and adults, not ONE student even really payed any attention to them. Gotta love middle schoolers :)

I'm breathing :)


Ananda Devika said...

Glad to see you're still hanging in there! I hate headaches, and I've been having them too lately (non-jaw related, but still painful). I feel for ya!

Katherine said...

So good to hear you're getting some relief from the headaches...will keep hoping there's continued improvement with the night-time one's too...

You don't deserve the insurance nightmare, but good to hear you're making plans and feeling better about it. (the Archwired membership has quite a few people well versed in fighting -and winning- against these ...people...and might also be a good place to ask specific questions on how to proceed...)

Ha,ha! Middle schoolers are too busy thinking about themselves and how THEY look!!!

Take care (and will be checking up on you again soon)

...and exhale.... :)

Ute said...

Hi, thanks for posting about your progress. I'm looking at ortho blogs since I'm also about to be braced (I'm 26).
My 'before' teeth look pretty much like yours, except that my upper jaw might be a little narrower and the teeth in my lower jaw are straight. But the bite from hell is familiar, can't wait for my teeth to actually fit together
when I bite down... and will check your blog to see when you get there. Good to see your teeth are moving so fast, they're nearly completely straight now.
I'm going to go the surgery route, though, every ortho I've seen recommended I have SARPE first. Are you happy (I mean, as happy
as possible...) with your damon braces, or are they giving you a lot of trouble?