Thursday, September 25, 2008

decisions, decisions

I have to make my insurance decision by Monday.... I think, though, that if things go terribly wrong I have the chance to change them when open enrollment comes in November. I called the other insurance choice, and they have a similar policy for orthognathic surgery - it is simply not covered except for in specific cases, but you can appeal.

Now that THAT is over (finding out that surgery could possibly be covered in two of my insurance choices), now I need to figure out which one covers the hospital and Dr. Lee. Hopefully in-network.

I left (another) message for Dr. Lee's patient coordinator, and I'm sure I'll talk to her tomorrow.

Keep your fingers crossed that the UHC insurance covers the hospital/ surgeon - because it's only 45 dollars a month, as opposed to 237 dollars a month. With everything else, coverage wise, being pretty much the same.

PS. Ran in to get some more splints today because mine are all wearing through - ended up getting a 20 minute appointment where my two orthodontists chatted with me about what's going on! I love my orthodontists. They are also trying to get me off of the splints and onto something different that isnt' so expensive OR so chewable. We'll see how it works, although it doesn't seem promising to me. I'll post pictures soon.


ingrid said...

good luck with the insurance stuff! i really hope they will cover it. i mean, these bite problems are real and it hurts!

Chris K said...

Knowing what I know about materials rubbing against each other, if one material is harder than the other it eventually wears it away. I know, technically brilliant observation. But here's the rub (ha), you wouldn't want a splint so tough that it wears your teeth away. So after pondering this interesting problem I recommend, in my professional opinion, a splint made of human teeth. You can leave a check with the receptionist. ;)

Anonymous said...

Fingers firmly crossed asI type! ;-)