Wednesday, June 25, 2008

first cleaning in braces

I had my first cleaning with braces today - not as pleasant as Katherines, let me tell you. I was nervous going in - my teeth are pretty sensitive, my gums are practically triple the size they're supposed to be, and I don't really like cleanings to begin with.

Well, the technician did as best as she could - which was really good, except for my lip kept getting caught between my braces and her hand or the applicance she was using. And MAN are those teeth sensitive when they are being picked at (and picked and picked at).

She said I was keeping my teeth "super clean." Which I'm glad for - I was really worried that the true reason for my gums being swollen was my lack of teeth-brushing skills. I'm doing everyhing right, except for the slight coffee stains and the weird discoloring between by bottom front two teeth. They gave me a really cool paste to put on before I go to sleep at night (yes, yes, yet another aspect for my nightly cleaning regimine) that should strengthen the enamel and add minerals back into my teeth.


Kam said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog!
I haate it when techs accidentally pinch me with a tool or scratch my gums. I wish my gums were a little more resilient.
That paste stuff looks really awesome. I should check that out, my enamel needs strengthening. Talk to ya' later! :D

Kiwikaren said...

Great your first cleaning went so well. Reminds me I must book in for my ... ummm think it will be 5th or 6th cleaning, as I get one every six months.

It's great when you get complimented about your oral hygiene, so congrats for that!

nabukay said...

karen's right, if the oral hygienist is happy with your hygiene it means you are doing well. some people come in with bad breath and really nasty things so you should be proud. as for the gums, wow womder what it is. I had that experience after they put more metal in my mouth but its because i wasn't cleaning properly. my teeth used to be super sensitive but now i use toothpaste for sensitive teeth and that helped a bit. lets hope your gums become less sensitive with time.