Friday, June 13, 2008


I got a call for an interview today. It's Monday morning. Why do I let a little bit of metal on my teeth turn me into a nervous idiot? If they like me, they will look past the braces.

Sometimes I really hate braces. They are able to kill the little self-esteem I have. Every time I smile without thinking, I cringe. I have a big smile - I always have, and I've always loved it - crooked teeth and jaw and everything. Now that it's beneath five pounds of tin it's jarring and disgusting, and once you add in my swollen gums it's atrocious.



Kiwikaren said...

All the best with your interview. I agree it can be a confidence yuck to interview while wearing braces, but if they can't see through you having braces, then they don't deserve to have you. People have got to remember that braces are so temporary!

Your progress appears to be going well and keep smiling!

holski said...

Hey Steph! Good luck on your interview tomorrow! Try not to worry about the braces if you can. I know it's hard, but people don't notice them nearly as much as we notice them. I had an interview last year at this time. I was wearing braces and I got the job... Just be yourself and they'll love you. =)

Go get 'em!