Thursday, January 24, 2008

Now, the goal of this wire was to close some of the gap left by my extraction, and then rotate the teeth and remove some of the crowding. I think my wire's wire got crossed (haha, sorry), and while my gap isn't closing, my teeth are trying to remove crowding and line up like good little soldiers.... but there isn't room! I woke up this morning with some pretty sore front teeth, especially one that leans back into my mouth - it turns out my wire is trying to force that tooth through a space about half it's size... and the bracket is actually pulling itself off the tooth. If you look closely, you can kind of see it.

In another note, I think I'm glad to be teaching middle school through all of this. I will never be able to develop an embarrassing braces habit (like picking at them with my tongue in public, like I hear is common) because every time I do something slightly out of the ordinary, my kids call me on. Today: "Hey! Hey Mrs. S! Why do you keep poking your braces out of your bottom lip?" I paused, and realized I was doing it unconsciously. This morning during first period they caught me picking banana out of my braces.

It's too bad my orthodontist is out of town. I'm off to take the braces dancing in Salt Lake City this weekend.... It's their big swing dancing debut!

Thanks for all of your well-wishes and support! Have a great weekend!

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laura said...

Yay for kids! I think I have the habit you've been saved from! When I'm writing code at work I catch myself hooking my lower lip under my braces =( I also like running my tongue along the bottom ones. Now that the teeth are lined up, it feels like a nice even (but bumpy) wall of metal.

I'm still self-conscious about eating with people, because it's so tempting to clean my teeth with my tongue. My friend with braces does it and it's pretty obvious. But if you don't, then there could be visible food stuck in there! Which is worse. So I try to be subtle and only do it a little when I don't think anyone's looking. And I've noticed that unbraced people do it too, so they can't really complain.

Don't worry about the tooth being forced through a gap that's too small (unless the bracket really is coming off). I asked my ortho about this because I had the exact same thing. My stray tooth was meant to fit into a space the width of a bracket. He said you'd be surprised. The surrounding teeth just start moving wherever they can to get out of the way and pretty soon there's enough space.