Saturday, November 8, 2014

Updates - 5 years post-op

I've gotten an influx of emails with questions and concerns lately, and I thought I'd give another update.  It's been 5 and a half years since I had jaw surgery.

Aesthetics: I love my face now.  I spent a lot of time after jaw surgery hating how I looked - but dont worry, 't just took time to adjust.  A lot of time getting used to seeing something different in the mirror.  Pre-braces and jaw surgery, I didn't smile much because my teeth were so terrible.  Now, I smile all the time and get compliments on how nice my smile is.

Numbness: It hasn't improved at all since my last post - it's exactly the same.  It still doesn't bother me in the least.  Funny things: I can't feel food if it's on one of the really numb spots on my chin... and since most of the people I hang out with don't remember I had jaw surgery - they don't realize I can't feel the food.  Also, if you run your finger lightly down my chin I instantly drool.  My husband thinks that's hilarious.  I'm not so sure.

Retainers: 4+ years since getting my braces off I can go a few days sans retainers without my teeth instantly going crooked.  I sleep in my splint about once every 3 weeks - only when I have a bad jaw pain day.

Jaw Pain: It's better than it was pre-jaw surgery, but I do have jaw pain a few times a week.  It's the worst on days where I play a lot of clarinet or eat a lot of chewy or crunchy foods.  It's not bad.

Jaw mobility: I've struggled with jaw mobility post-surgery.  I still have almost no side-to-side or front-to-back motion.  When I do accidentally try to force my jaw outside of it's normal trajectory, it's really painful and shocking - mind-numbingly, stomach nauseating painful.    BUT!  My jaw opening is pretty much back to normal - as you can see in the last photo.

I'm really glad I had jaw surgery.  I love my smile, I love not having migraines every day, I love not having massive amounts of jaw pain.  The lack of mobility and numbness are not really bothersome.

So, to conclude - here are some photos of my smile over the last few years.  Quite a difference!  If I can be of any help - email me at sheppard[dot]stephanie[at]gmail[dot]com.  I don't read comments on entries, because they're mostly spam bots.


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Victor Peterson said...

Good day Steph! Looking good! Thank you for sharing your experiences on jaw surgery! Your blog is very informative, and might even help those who are about to go through the same operation. I hope you're doing well!

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Yue lun said...

Hi, after I read your blog. I'm actually quite scared of the jaw surgery though still determined to correct my severe underbite . I play both the western and chinese flute. If you took 4 years to recover, won't it be that I need to stop for 4 years too?

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doublejawsurgery said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for the post, I'm 3 months post-op and really depressed about my new face. I had double jaw surgery to correct my small overbite, as well as open my airways so I could breath easier, plus alleviate me from all the headaches, back pain and jaw pain I had on a regular basis. Anyway, I choose to have the procedure done for my health, and I was comfortable with my old face even though my jawline was weak. I now feel as though I have a massive face, probably because before my jaw was pushed back. I feel as though I look older and am no longer attractive. I am hoping this is all psychological and that in time I will get used to it. My smile now looks massive, everything looks odd. I am hoping my cheeks are still swollen because I now have deep circles/pockets under my eyes and huge cheeks.

How long did it take you to get comfortable with your new face? Friends and family say I look fine, I try to believe them but still when I see myself I feel like something isn't right.

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