Thursday, December 22, 2011


Most of the questions I get lately have to do with numbness, my face, and retainers. So, here's the lowdown.

Numbness: Now, don't be scared by this answer. I know there are MANY bloggers out there who are freaked out by numbness and end up getting more surgeries to help with the numbness and all of that. I'm not one of them. I am still [and likely always will be] fairly numb. Here's a map in paint, I tried to type on the picture but it was being too annoying so I'll explain it here.

The white circles (on the sides of my top lip) have probably 80-90% feeling. I don't notice that these are numb unless I pull on them or tweak them.

The Yellow circles down the sides of my bottom lips are a bit stronger. This is the only section of numbness that I can feel on a day-to-day basis (it feels a little tingly every once in a while, but mostly just stiff). I have probably 40% feeling there.

The blue circles are the sides of my chin. I probably have 60% feeling there - and I don't notice it at all (however, every once in a while a sneaky piece of food lands there and I don't notice, hahahah).

The red circle on the point of my chin is almost completely numb. If I poke into it hard with my nail, I feel something. I was warned that with the genioplasty I'd likely lose most feeling there, and they were correct. It doesn't bother me at all, except, like above, every once in a while a sneaky piece of food lands there and hilarity breaks loose. Always a good story.

Now... retainers. I was wearing my splint every night up until about 3 months ago. I find that after wearing it for more than 2 nights I un-bite from it and only keep my mouth halfway in. I was seeing my top tooth get a little crooked and I freaked out, so I started wearing my invisalign-type retainers every other night. I love having nights I don't sleep in the splint, and I don't get headaches in the least. Now, sometimes my jaw for whatever reason is sore (too many mike and ikes, stressful day, whatever) and then I'll wear the splint more often. I can go about 2 nights straight in the invisilign before my jaw starts to feel it in the morning.

I was supposed to, at this point a year and a half out, be able to wear my retainer every other night - but every night my teeth sting a bit getting into the retainer. I'm too afraid to leave it out for a night, and that's fine with me. Apparently my teeth have stronger memories than most. I do need to see the orthodontist soon to ask about that.

Well... those are my updates. Life is good - I realized the other day that FINALLY, over 2 years out of jaw surgery, I would do it again if I had to. I am so glad I did it.

Finally, my face. I love my face now. I love my nose, I love my face, I love everything about it. I look at old pictures and can't EVEN remember why I would have liked that face over this one... but, I did. It took a long, long time. Now when I look in the mirror this face is what I'm used to seeing - and it's awesome!


Melinda Renee said...

I ♥ your face, no matter what it looks like, because it means you come with it! :-P Can you believe it's been two years?! I hardly remember the pre-surgery Steph.


holski said...

You look amazing. Love that smile! (oooh love that necklace too!)

Thanks for continuing to check in on me after all these years. Your support means the world! :)

Melissa M. said...

I still have numbness as well, mostly on the left side of my bottom lip down to the bottom of my chin. Sometimes I'll look in the mirror and have food there that I can't feel, hahaha!

I have misplaced my retainers. Haven't worn them in months. Bad me! I can feel that my teeth sit differently now, and the bottom teeth are starting to move.

Glad to hear you're doing well. I would do it all again, too :)

Williams said...

That’s the best decision you made Stephanie. It could’ve been worse if you didn’t choose to do surgery. Thank God, you’re finally okay. Numbness is so not good. I got really scared for you upon reading your article. Well, your teeth are probably stronger than ever. Keep it that way. See your orthodontist as often as possible and maintain the good condition of your teeth.

Williams Schermer

Landon said...

Awesome indeed! I’m sure, after the operation, you’ve been looking very healthy, and a lot prettier and livelier. I can feel the pain upon reading your story and I’m thankful and relieved that you’re back to your best condition now. Just be happy and continue to take care of yourself and your teeth, most especially, to have that long lasting beauty and smile.
So how are you now Claire? The operation must be really hard for you. Having your wisdom tooth operated on is really not the most exciting thing in the world. I hope you’re okay now and that you’ve fully recovered. You’re a strong girl Claire. Congratulations on getting through the operation!

Landon Heath

Becky said...

Congratulations on making your way through all of this. I know it felt like a long two years, but I bet it's worth it now eh?

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daniel said...

Whats it like just after surgery becuase am having both of my jaw done on 8th october iv been to about the numbness and feeling or being sick and the nosebleeds and that it will be sore just wondered if there is anything eles

arizona dentist said...

I wish you all the best. Keep fighting and inspiring others. Keep us updated through your blog. Have a nice day sweetie!

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