Monday, August 2, 2010

crown, part 2

I got the crown placed today at the dentist. For once, the appointment went as planned and it only took around 20 minutes. The worst part was taking off the temporary crown, I had a few tears running down my cheeks. Once it was off the gum tissue around the crown was intensely tender and still is a few hours later.

My top retainers no longer fit so I went into my orthodontist's office (luckily right down the street). Since I have an appointment on Thursday morning for the impressions for my splint, they decided to just trim the back tooth off of my retainer, assuring me it wouldn't move in a few days. I sure hope not.

It's really odd to have a tooth back there! I got the root canal 8 months ago, and have just had a little post since. Feels nice.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Any chance you have any jaw ice packs or zip n squeeze bags? i am having surgery Monday Aug 9th.

Brent said...

Hi Stephanie!
Hope you are feeling better, and I am glad the new tooth feels nice though!

stephanie said...

Hi anonymous,

No, I didn't keep my jaw ice packs and I mailed the zip 'n' squeeze to a friend a long while ago. The hospital will give you an ice pack, and they gave me extras when I asked, since I wasn't sure how my other ice pack would work (and it didn't work well, so I used the hospital ones).

I hated - HATED - the zip n squeeze bags, and used one only once. Syringes and sippy cups were much easier for me. Good luck!