Monday, November 9, 2009

funny stuff

Part 1: You guys will like this story. I was checking out in Target tonight and I got the funniest cashier EVER. He rings up my purchases, asks me how I'm doing (the normal) I smiled at him and said "Oh, doing fine." He LIGHTS UP when he sees my braces and says "Whoa! Braces! How long do you have to wear those things?!" I'm a little bit thrown off now, and respond with "Oh, about 6 more months or so." "Whoa! Like, were your teeth like THIS?!?" And he literally puts his hands in an L shape - like my upper teeth were so crooked they were parallel with the floor (yes, floor). I said "Ummm, no, not quite that bad. But pretty crooked." He then goes on to tell me ALL ABOUT his wisdom teeth and how he wants braces... Seriously? Odd.

Part 2: I get hit on a LOT more now that I have a chin.

That's all.


Katherine (Kate) said...

Hahahaha, way to funny! And you go, girl ;)

btw, Has your hip gone back to normal? Any residual stuff going on from the bone harvesting ?

stephanie said...

Yes, hip is normal! I'm running again and everything :)

Jackie said...

Way to go Stephanie!

Melinda said...

hahahahaha! The chin attracts the dudes huh? that's interesting =)