Thursday, November 5, 2009

everything's fine, of course

Except my range of motion... I'm only at 29mm and they want me at 48. That's practically half of what I need to be. Ouch...

The pain in my right jaw joint? She thinks it's inflammation from the tight rubber bands and struggling against them to talk all day (teacher!). The pain/weird clicky feelings behind my front teeth? My bones growing and I'm able to feel the plate now.

If it all continues? I can get a shot of steriods in my jaw for the pain, and if the plate is still really bothering me I can get it removed a year after surgery.

Blah. I figured it was normal, but it was good to hear.


Melinda Renee said...

I am sooo glad you're okay!!!

See you Saturday next week!

High Maintenance Mouth said...

So glad you received good news!
You still have to wear your bands all day? Is there something they are trying to correct still? My surgeon & orthodontist had me start wearing my bands only at night around 6 weeks. I also wondered why they are so concerned with your ROM at this point? My surgeon doesn't seem concerned about mine and he keeps saying to give myself a year to 18 months for everything to return to normal. I guess if my ROM isn't good by then it will be a concern?? :)

stephanie said...

Yeah, I'm still in rubberbands 24 hours a day (minus eating/ brushing).

Do you know how far you can open your mouth? They weren't concerned I couldn't reach the entire 48mm, but they were concerned I wasn't making enough progress towards it. I should just be closer than I am.

Katherine (Kate) said...

Wow, "fine" is relative, no? They can say you're fine,normal or whatever, but it still sucks for YOU! Sorry to hear you're still having that pain/discomfort crap. Are you sick of being told to hang in there?

To your previous post, You really do have a unique challenge with your instrument issues. That's such a huge part of your life and definitely more than a passing annoyance. Your clarinet!! Don't throw it out the window yet! lip and cheek muscles are pesky and trying to exert their will...They WILL not win! You'll get it back, Steph.

chris k said...

Crapilicious. Well better than an "Ooops, we really screwed you up." Lobby for some good pain meds (I have a newfound fondness for Lortab) and hit those sticks! One at a time. One at a time.