Friday, March 14, 2008

starbucks guy, I loathe you

Forgot to mention this in the blog yesterday due to the wire-clipping excitement. You guys will understand.

So I walked into the Starbucks by my school this past Monday, like I always do. I'm an addict, err, a regular, so they all know my name, my drink, etc. There was a new guy that I had seen only once the week before, and as I came up the register he said (loudly) "Hey, Stephanie!" and I was surprised he had remembered my name so fast - go new barista guy!

He should have stopped while he was ahead - because he continued by saying "Hey, Stephanie! Guess how I remembered your name?" I know that all of you see this coming, but in my befuddled, pre-coffee stupor I said crankily "I don't know, how?" and he said (loudly still) "The braces! You're the only adult I've ever seen in braces!"

Thanks, Captain Obvious. Because had you failed to point out the masses of metal sticking out of my face, I might have forgotten they were there.



Shontell said...

What hole did he crawl out of??! Helllllllooooo there are plenty of adults with braces out there!!

Rainne said...

You should have asked him if his toes tasted good.

Alli said...

I would have said, "Know how I remember you? You're the one who talks too much! Maybe you should think before you speak!"

Pfft. What a jerkbutt.

Michelle said...

Unbelievable! Some people have no tact! What a jerk!

On another note, I just wanted to thank you for you message on my blog. Sometimes it's nice to know that your not alone, going through something. I hope all is well with all of your female relatives going through the thyroid saga. It's such a pain. You don't even realize how much your thyroid controls, until it's out of whack! Thank you!

laura said...

Grr what a dork. I bet his coworkers told him off after.

Grace said...

ugh...if it's any consolation, I was 22 when I got my braces (I'm now 24, and had LeFort 1 and BSSO surgery almost 5 weeks ago). And a friend of mine never fails to let me know that I look like a 12-yr old. Thanks, buddy. Why don't you make me feel even less important in this big world full of big adults?

Hi, I'm Grace. I found orthobloggers 2 weeks into my recovery and thought, "why didn't I ever think of taking pictures and blogging?" and now I'm addicted to reading other ppl's blogs about their journeys. Hope your teeth don't hurt too much! I have sensitivity in my front lower teeth since the surgery...I'm afraid I might loose those front-runners...:( Hopefully the brackets will keep them in place until I can get to my OS or OD.

Grace said...
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