Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I can floss!

Now, I know that all of my orthodontic-type-fellow-bloggers are scoffing inside and saying to themselves "Stephanie doesn't floss? Gasp!". Hold your horses. Stephanie DOES floss, but between two teeth I have been unable to floss due to the bracket position and how far one of the teeth were set back. Every single night since I've gotten the braces, I've tried to floss between those teeth to no avail until two nights ago... when, suddenly, the floss slid through! (Angels sang, ballerinas danced, my friends I was sharing a hotel room with laughed at my excitement, I called my husband in the middle of the night).

The braces made their debut at my annual music education conference. I had tons of questions about them, and more disbelief that a clarinet player would WILLINGLY add a half inch of pokey metal to her teeth.

Also, I found it's really difficult to not eat on my normal schedule. Right now, I wake up, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, eat a snack if necessary during my planning period at school, brush my teeth, eat lunch, brush my teeth, eat dinner, brush my teeth. You get the drill.

But at conference, life tends to revolve around the sessions rather than meals, so everything is eaten on the go - I felt really OCD running into the restrooms four or five or six (or seven :-#) times a day with my travel toothbrush. My friends found it hilarious, at least.

Finally, the updated pictures - exactly a month since I've gotten the braces on.


Heather said...

Hi, I started braces on the bottom first as well (for different reasons). I ended up with a lot of room between my teeth by the time they were done moving. However, since I've had the upper braces put on I'm finding it harder and harder to floss my back teeth. There is one tooth that I just cannot floss and it really worries me because I don't want to get any cavaties. I'm having upper and lower jaw surgery "tenatively" May 14th and have been in braces for one year and three months. I will continue to read your blog and hope everything works out for you. Good luck and take care.

Rainne said...

Yay! I can see improvement already!!