Monday, December 13, 2010

range of motion and numbness changing

I have good news! In the past week I've noticed my range of motion improving greatly. I can fit 3 fingers in now - and fairly easily, though no room to spare. I haven't been doing any exercises or stretching, just living life normally - how awesome is that?

Another thing is that my numbness has been changing - I'm not sure if it's getting better yet but it's definitely starting that waxy-bugs-me-when-my-coat-brushes-against-it feeling again. Usually it results in a little more feeling. However, the numbness doesn't bug me at all - in fact, when I'm bored in meetings it's fun to play with "Hey! I can feel that... wait, nope... Hey!... nope"

Hope you are all well out there in ortho-blogging land!


Anonymous said...

Great to hear, Stephanie! I saw your post title and was scared it was bad news! That's cool that you don't mind the numbness and can make yourself amused by it! I am nervous I will be super annoyed by it. I guess you just get used to it. Thanks for posting your progress!! Keep letting us know how you are doing post-surgery! We are anxiously awaiting your posts! :-)

Tara said...

This is great news Stephanie! Thanks for the update and keep us posted as you continue to notice the changes! How much feeling would you say you have now?

Jackie said...

YEAH! That is great news!!! Glad to hear your ROM is getting better. I'm with you on the numbness. It doesn't bug me either...I'm just glad that the nerves are still trying to wake up.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!