Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I'm still around, trying to find time to make a big de-bracing entry. A few observations:
  • Not having braces is AWESOME!
  • Flossing and brushing takes just a few minutes even with the built-in retainers on top and bottom.
  • Retainers get smelly really easily. Yuck.
  • While my orthodontist said I could only wear my retainers at night, I've found that if I wait all day (on days that I play instruments, anyway) I have to squeeze on my retainers and it's painful.
  • My ROM has improved slightly - prior to getting them off two fingers fit in tight, now on good days they even have a little space.

Stressful things:

  • My bite doesn't always line up, especially after playing clarinet/sax. The overbite is not a lot bigger, but I'm going to call Dr. Molen as soon as I have a free afternoon so he can double check it. Because it's definitely shifted a bit.
  • My jaw still hurts a lot. Bummer. Once school is out I'll see Dr. Lee and we'll think about doing something about it.

1 comment:

Rae said...

GIRLY!! You've come SUCH a long way!! Good for you! :) :)

And…I am SOOO jealous of your ease of cleaning. I miss that SOOO much! I can't wait until it takes me 5 minutes to floss instead of 15-20 minutes! LOL (You'd think I'd be better after having these things for almost 2 years, but no. LOL)

Please keep us updated every once in a while?! :)