Saturday, April 10, 2010

getting ready

I'm going to call the orthodontist, of course, but did anyone else get their teeth cleaned the day of de-bracing? Since the orthodontist office is pretty far from my apartment and my two appointments are 5 hours apart, I decided to make a cleaning appointment for a few hours after the de-bracing and before the retainers appointment.

I'm a bit worried about what the color of my teeth will be post-braces. I take good care of them, but even with a dental cleaning they haven't really felt or looked the same since jaw surgery. Yuck. I'm going all out with the professional whitening post braces - I figure if I dropped the insane amount of cash for these braces and surgery, I might as well get the most out of that gorgeous smile!

Braces off T-18 days (my final appointment is on Wednesday, too)


holski said...

hey girl!

long time no chat.. I've never stopped reading your blog tho!

I had my teeth cleaned the next day and it made no difference at all. Go crazy!

Hope all is well.

Holly. =)

Makay said...


Congrats! :)


Kiwikaren said...

Good luck with your 'going naked' day ... how exciting! I reckon go with the cleaning that day and if your teeth/gums/jaw are a bit sore, just ask them to go easy!

Can't wait to see your naked smile ... bet it's outstanding!

Melinda said...

Yay!!!! I think the all out whitening cleaning makes sense :) You'll be loving your smile that much more!

G.C. said...

Stephanie, that's great news! I just heard I will get mine off in June (which is not that far - this is me being optimistic :) )
I am thinking if I should already schedule my cleaning appt. even though I don't know the exact date of my 'braces off' day - talking about being early :)
We have been waiting for that soooo loooong that I am sure it can be justified. Thank god my hygienist always uses a lot of Novocaine gel with me - just ask for it.