Sunday, March 28, 2010

gasp! GAPS!

I have large gaps that just developed over the past 3 days between my rear two molars on either side of my lower jaw. Argh! I'm calling on Monday to see if there's anything they can do... April 14th is the day they decide to cut the wires and whatnot. I would really like these braces off April 28th. April 28th! I already have my sub scheduled and everything...


Makay said...

haha. yeah orthodontics can def give you a heart failure when you start getting gaps. My last post was about my gap in my bottom middle teeth. It stinks, but the ortho said it will close up with the next wire.


Makay said...

here is the link to the post... has a pic.

I was not happy. haha.


Anonymous said...

I had a brief gap between my front teeth that went away pretty quickly.

Remain calm and call your ortho like you've planned.