Thursday, May 22, 2008


Sometimes, I forget I have braces. I'm in a dressing room, with a shirt that might not seem terrible on me (even though I've got a long way to go), and then I smile.

And there's metal. And it literally shocks me.

And that's sad.


Michelle said...

Lucky for you, I can't seem to ever forget! They are always bothering my lips.

Have a nice long weekend!

Katherine said...

Oh, man, but also hilarious! I can honestly say I have not (yet) experienced the shock factor....I'm on the lookout, now!

How are things going with you these days, anyways? Is 'rude comment maker' sporting your shoe up her bum? :)

Shontelly said...

HA! I'm with Michelle, I can't seem to forget about them either. I've had them on for almost two years now so I don't really remember what it felt like in the beginning.

nabukay said...

wow I forget mine and then every now and then I remember them when I see another brace face or when they irritate my gums. I think its a good thing you forget.